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Preparing HTML Results Files

If your Tournament was separated into Divisions then you need to prepare 1 or more Result files for each Division. A Division is comprised of a unique set of players, so if you have a Men’s Open Doubles and a Women’s Open Doubles (for example) that is 2 Divisions, and MyPetanque has that Division information stored.

For each Division there may then be more than one Event, like Qualifying, Social or Conviviale, Consolante, Complementaire and Principale. For each of these Events that were used in a Division within a Tournament there will likely be a Result file. If you used Sport to score the Events these files are readily available without further preparation. If not, you have to prepare them, and MyPetanque only accepts html (web) files as Result files. If you have no idea how to prepare html files from Word, Excel or whatever you may have used, send me the data and I will prepare and set up the Results for you.

If you can provide these html files (from Sport or from whatever means you stored results during the Tournament) then you will need to do the following to provide the html files. If you used Word or Excel (for example) you must prepare single page html files, and these will probably be unnecessarily large and complex. So, there is a far simpler way; write your own. To this end use this link below (from 2 October 2019)

where you can download example files and manually edit them using Notepad. When you have dopwnloaded this compressed (zip) file you will need to Extract it to a further saved Folder (on your Desktop probably). Remeber to 'Open with' and then select Notepad if you wish to edit an html file.

So pick a relevant file and try it. You need to select from the group of files that relate to Singles, Double or Triples Events as appropriate. Then within that group select a file that is a simple Rank list (as you might use for Principale/Complementaire/Consolante Results) or a Score list that includes Wins and For and Against scores that you might use to display Results after a Qualifying Event.

As you edit the file do the following (and in doing so overtype the words written below):

1. On line 5 change the text to provide a name to the file data. This is not displayed when the file is opened and is simply there to remind you what the Tournament, Division and Event was.

2. On line 16 state precisely what the Tournament/Date was. When the file is opened this will displayed exactly as you write it.

3. On line 18 state precisely what the Division/Event was. Again, when the file is opened this will be displayed exactly as you wrote it.

In doing all this be very careful not to add to or delete anything that appears within a set of angle brackets like <….>. These are the ‘tags’ in the html code that define what is being provided after the <..> tag and then ended at the tag. Tags always come in pairs.

Save the file with a suitable name (for your Tournament/Division/Event). Then double-click on it to Open it and see how it displays (it will display within your internet browser; Edge, Chrome, Firefox, for example). If it looks somewhat corrupted then you have ‘interfered’ with a tag, so start again. If it looks fine then continue.

The next section starting at about line 23 is a set of tags that define the data table you are about to complete; and this section of about 7 lines must NOT be touched (unless you really know what you are doing!). Have a look at the typical Rank list and Score list examples within your browser, and then using Notepad, and you can see the difference – there are more table columns in the Score list display.

Both types have 1, 2 or 3 columns labelled Player 1, Player 2, Player 3 as appropriate. For a Rank list they are the only table headings required. For the Score list files there are additional columns with headings of Wins (number of), For (points) and Against (points). Leave all this heading ‘stuff’ alone!

What then follows in all files is then 10 sets of lines, each set between the tags with the Rank (as a number), the Player name(s) for the Rank lists, and the other Win, For and Against data in the Score list files. Complete them for the relevant Division/Event. If you have less than 10 Entries/Teams delete the remaining unused sets of lines, being very careful not to delete the last few lines of the code at the end of the file! If you need more than 10 lines simply Copy and Paste the additional sets of lines complete with the start and end tags, and fill them in.

The last few tags are required to close down the html code so please, again, don’t touch them.

At this stage you have all the Results html files you need for the Divisions within the Tournament. This can typically range from 1 file (1 Division only and just 1 Event like a 5-Round Swiss System, for example) to a much larger set that could be for, say Qualifying, Social, Complementaire and Principale Events for 4 Divisions – a total of 16 Events.

Now look at the Help item “Uploading Results Files”