The MyPetanque website offers you a number of functions. Some are only accessible if you have Joined MyPetanque and have an Account (or Profile). Others do not require you to have an Account. If you have any questions about the site that are not answered below, please contact us.

Set Up An Account

On the Home Page click on the LOGIN link at the top right.

In the window that appears click on the Join Here link.

You will then be taken to a new Create Account screen where you have to complete 4 fields

  • Player Name (compulsory) – this will autocomplete as you start typing and will allow you to select your name from the list of PFA licenced players, and then when you do this your licence number will appear
  • Email (compulsory) – type in a valid email address
  • Password (compulsory) – you provide your own but it must comply with the conditions listed

Confirm Password (compulsory) – re-type the same password

Check the Agree to Privacy Policy box (after you have reads the Policy)