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Any Current Issues with MyPetanque?

We encountered an issue in early September 2019 concerning the MyEntries files that can be downloaded for any Division from the View Entries screen. These MyEntries files are in the csv (comma-separated variable) format, and allow the person using the Sport 6.25 or 6.26 scoring program to Import the registered Entries into an Event.

Sport expects to 'see' a 1, 2 or 3 as the first character of the MyEntries.csv file - for Singles, Doubles or Triples teams, respectively. The issue (that is still current) is that the downloaded file commences with a 'space' (Hex '20') character that brings up an error when trying to Import the file into Sport.

The solution is to simply Open the MyEntries.csv file with Excel, and then immediately Save it (so overwriting the original file). When you use Excel to Open a file it strips off any leading spaces to cells that contain a number (only).

All this relies on the Sport program using the semi-colon (;) as the delimiter in the first instance. This can be checked within the Sport program by clicking on Options, then Separator and selecting the ; (not # or TAB). Note: the Sport program, as initially provided, has the delimiter set to #, so this change to ; must be made.