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Download Team List for SPORT Scoring

To Export the List of Registered Teams for use with the SPORT Scoring Program do the following:

On the Home Page click on the Register link
For the Tournament of interest click on View Teams (extreme right of the screen)

Locate the link denoted Export to SPORT V6.25
Clicking on this now requests whether you would like to have the team seed value included (or not) based on player ranking scores. Once this option is selected the system automatically saves a *.csv file to your computer (using the Division name) which can be used to Import the Entries (Teams) to the SPORT scoring program, thus saving a lot of typing! But, and this is important, before you Import the Entries to Sport using this *.csv file, open the file with Excel and then save it with the same (or another) file name. This corrects a minor 'glitch' in the file by removing an unwanted space character.

A Player.csv file that you can Import to the Sport program is also available using a link on the Home Page of the site. This contains the full list of licenced players and their details relevant to the Sport scoring program. This can used to Import the full list of licenced Players to Sport so that additional information is provided for the Entries (the 'open' and 'save' procedure with Excel is not required).