The MyPetanque website offers you a number of functions. Some are only accessible if you have Joined MyPetanque and have an Account (or Profile). Others do not require you to have an Account. If you have any questions about the site that are not answered below, please contact us.

Uploading Result Files

Please note that to Upload Results you must first Login to MyPetanque and the Login details must match those of the person who Added that Tournament in the first instance. Otherwise email me.

For this upload process to work you must have checked the Do You Intend to Upload Results? box when you added the Tournament details, and you must be logged on.

If you used the PFA recommended SPORT scoring program go through Items 1 to 3 and Save the Results files you wish to upload to MyPetanque, then continue at Item 4.

If you prepared your Result(s) files in some other way (and they MUST be html files) then start at point 4.

  1. Open the SPORT program, and for every Event (or at least all the events you wish to send Results in for) that you ran in the Tournament, then open the Matches link and then click on the Ranking link
  2. Arrange the screen to show Players and Scores/Rank position only (suggest omit Licence numbers)
  3. Using File/Save HTML … save the screen view to your Desktop (or somewhere you can readily find them)
  4. Go to MyPetanque, Login and click on the Managers link at the top of the Home Page
  5. Then in the window that appears click on Upload Results
  6. Scroll down the next screen until you get to Manage Results and Rankings
  7. Look for the relevant Tournament and click on Upload under the Results heading (if Results have been entered previously the next action will overwrite them!)
  8. The next screen, Upload Results, has 3 fields, and in the Choose File field (so Browse for the HTML files saved above) load the file that relates to the lowest priority Event (so Qualifying rather than Principale, etc.)
  9. Then in the Description field select the most appropriate term from the drop-down list of Event types
  10. Select the correct Division (even if only 1 Division you must select it)
  11. Click on the Submit Results button
  12. Repeat the whole process for other Events in the Division (in increasing priority)
  13. Repeat the whole process pnce again for all Divisions (if more than 1).