The MyPetanque website offers you a number of functions. Some are only accessible if you have Joined MyPetanque and have an Account (or Profile). Others do not require you to have an Account. If you have any questions about the site that are not answered below, please contact us.

View Rankings (VIC)

To View the Victorian Player Rankings

On the Home Page click on the Rankings link

The next screen shows the Men and Women lists for the top 20 Ranked Players (in Victoria only)

If you are not on the list you can type your name into the Search field (it will autocomplete)

If you type the first word of your club name (omit St for St Andrews Beach or St Kilda) into the Search field you will see the list of players for that club (by gender)

If you click on a Player Name it acts as link to show you the Tournaments in which the Player has been awarded Rankings Points

A description of the manner in which the Player Rankings are calculated can be found at
Then select the VPCI Player Ranking Scheme file from the list on the right of the screen to download.