The MyPetanque website offers you a number of functions. Some are only accessible if you have Joined MyPetanque and have an Account (or Profile). Others do not require you to have an Account. If you have any questions about the site that are not answered below, please contact us.

Register your Team Online
  • On the Home Page click on the Register link
  • For the Tournament of interest click on Register
  • On the Team Registration Form, at the very top, select the Division you wish to register for (not doing this is a very common omission and returns an error message!)
  • In the Player field start typing your name and it will eventually autocomplete and allow you to select your name from a list of PFA-licenced players. Once you do this your PFA-licence number is displayed
  • Repeat for all Players in the Team
  • Enter a Team Email Address
  • Enter a Team contact Phone Number
  • Finally click on the Submit Team button

If the player you wish to Register is not PFA-licenced, uncheck the small left hand box to the Player field and complete all the field as indicated. If you try and Register an un-licenced Player without unchecking the left hand box, it will generate an error when you try and submit the name.

You can also come back any time before the Tournament closing date and Edit the Team names in the case of a Player being unavailable.

If you wish to Delete a Team in which you are a player you can do that as well; just follow the screen instructions.

In these instances, you will be required to use exactly the same email address and phone number entered above to complete the Edit/Delete function